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Donation of £1000 to MRI Scanner Appeal

Godfrey MRI Donation

Godfrey Bennett's life-long reluctance to throw things away is benefiting local charities - including the Appeal to bring new MRI scanners to Darlington Memorial and Bishop Auckland Hospitals.

Godfrey, whose preference for keeping things started when he was very young, explains, "A few years ago, my wife and I had to clear out the houses of a couple of elderly relatives who had sadly died.  An off-the-cuff piece of advice that I should hang onto anything that might create a lasting memory stuck with me and I've had real difficulty throwing anything out ever since. 

My wife, Shirley, finally, and quite rightly, said 'Enough is enough' and this enforced de-clutter set me wondering if it might be a way of raising money for charity."

Godfrey started a small charity, 'All Sorts' which operates out of a room next to St Clare's Church in Newton Aycliffe, selling the things he can no longer keep.  Godfrey encourages people to come along and buy things, in the knowledge they will be benefiting charities he feels passionate about as all the money raised goes to good causes.

Godfrey added, "When I heard about the MRI appeal I knew it was the perfect local cause and had no hesitation in donating £1,000 from the money we raise. So many of us or our loved ones will benefit from these very modern MRI scanners, it's essential we have them.  I'm delighted to help."

Dr Elizabeth Loney, Chair of the MRI Scanner Appeal, at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, explains, "MRI scans are particularly good at looking at soft tissues. Tremendous advances in technology over recent years mean they can be enormously helpful in diagnosing cancer, heart conditions, strokes and many other health issues.  Scans can also give doctors information that previously required the patient to undergo surgery or another invasive procedure as part of the investigation of their symptoms.  Crucially, MRI scanners don't use radiation, unlike x-rays.          

"MRI scans are so useful - we're seeing an increase of over 10% each year in demand for them".

To find out how you can support the Appeal, contact the Trust's charity team on 07770455651 or email:

You can also donate at:

Published 7 November 2018

'In recent times, I have utilised admissions to Richardson for respite direct from my fracture clinic, even at weekends. I have never worked anywhere with this efficiency before - it is reassuring and invaluable for the patient.'

Patient, Lowson / Starling Wards, Richardson Hospital