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Local Lung Charity Raises Money for Sick Babies

A local branch of the British Lung Foundation, Breathe Easy Darlington, has raised £300 for vital equipment which helps monitor oxygen levels in babies.

Breathe Easy Darlington is part of the British Lung Foundation, a charity which campaigns for improved lung health. Breathe Easy members include many patients who have received treatment at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust and some of whom require oxygen for their own health.

The group has raised £300 to donate to the NHS Trust by holding a night at the dogs in Sunderland, organising a cake and books stall and a member of the group completed the Richmond Castle 10k sponsored run.

The group presented the money to Dr John Furness, Consultant Paediatrician. Dr Furness said: "I am humbled and moved that patients who have suffered chronic lung disease are giving their time and energy to help children to enjoy better health in their lifetime.

"The money will go towards equipment which helps monitor babies' oxygen levels during resuscitation. The equipment is called a pulse oximeter and measures the baby's pulse and oxygen level by placing a small infrared light on the baby's hand."

BLF Breathe Easy Darlington Group, meets every third Wednesday of the month at 1-30pm at the Copper Beech (rear room) on Neasham Road, for a couple of hours of talks, quizzes, gossip and all sorts, but always a laugh. Exercise, under a BLF trained instructor, aimed at lung muscles is also available every week. New members are encouraged to call 07858 615154.


'In recent times, I have utilised admissions to Richardson for respite direct from my fracture clinic, even at weekends. I have never worked anywhere with this efficiency before - it is reassuring and invaluable for the patient.'

Patient, Lowson / Starling Wards, Richardson Hospital