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Cancer Charities UK Directory




ACC Support UK


For people diagnosed with adrenocortical cancer (also known as adrenal cancer). This organisation, a collaboration between two patient groups, provides information and support to patients and their families via a specialist helpline and also access to specialist counselling free of charge. There are information resources available via the website and they also organise face to face information days in cities across the UK.

AMMF - The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity


The only UK charity dedicated to supporting people diagnosed with bile duct cancer and to raise awareness of the condition by campaigning for research into causes, treatment and potential cures. The website provides comprehensive on what cholangiocarcinoma is, signs and symptoms and treatment pathways. There is also a forum available for people living with bile duct cancer to connect with others.

Anthony Nolan Trust


Originally founded as a bone marrow registry, this charity is not only dedicated to matching up people who need lifesaving bone marrow transplants with donors, they also provide support, advice and information for anyone living with blood cancer as well as information on bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants and what to expect if you need one. They raise awareness of blood cancers and campaign for access to new treatments on the NHS. Anthony Nolan also has its own research centre which carries out research into making transplants as successful as possible by improving matches and reducing post-transplant problems.


Blood Cancer UK


Blood Cancer UK is a UK based charity dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, as well as to offering information and support to blood cancer patients. Blood Cancer UK's vision is to beat blood cancer

Bone Cancer Research Trust


Though primarily focused on fighting bone cancer by being a catalyst for research to find a cure for bone cancer, this charity also supports people affected by bone cancer. They have volunteers available to talk to patients, provide information on different aspects of dealing with bone cancer, from signs and symptoms, to treatment and amputation information.

Bowel Cancer UK


UK based charity that is dedicated to supporting people affected by bowel cancer. They offer information and advice on all aspects, from signs and symptoms to living with and beyond bowel cancer. They campaign for service improvements and fund essential research into improving prevention, earlier detection and better treatment of bowel cancers. Bowel Cancer UK also covers anal cancers.



Brain tumour charity solely focused on supporting people diagnosed with a brain tumour and promoting their wellbeing. The site advised on signs and symptoms, types of brain tumour and their treatment as well as practical help and how to live well with a brain tumour.

Brain Tumour Support


This charity is exclusively dedicated to supporting anyone who has received a brain tumour diagnosis, as well as families and carers, ensuring that no one has to go through their journey alone. They provide access to counselling, support and information as well as the option to join a closed Facebook group to chat with other people who are living with the same diagnosis

Breast Cancer Now


Breast Cancer Now is a charity in the United Kingdom which was formed in 2015 by the merger of Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. It is the United Kingdom's largest breast cancer charity. Its declared "Action Plan" is "by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live".

Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust


National charity supporting people with thyroid cancer. Offers the use of a dedicated helpline, virtual group support via email and telephone contact, a buddy system to help you through the different treatment stages and access to a wide range of information on the condition.

CLL Support Association


UK based patient led charity supporting and empowering people who have a diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL), their families and carers by providing access to reliable and relevant information to help them understand their condition and how to cope with living with it. There is an online community link to enable CLL patients to connect with others.

CML Support


Online support communities for people living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML). Run by patients. There is an online forum for posting messages and queries and an information section that contains information about clinical trials, treatment guidelines and videos.

CUP Foundation - Jo's Friends


Charity specifically founded to raise awareness of Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) and to provide information and support to people living with CUP as well as their families and friends. The CUP Foundation has an interactive forum for patients to access to link with others living with this condition, they have information on benefits for cancer patients and links to informative publications that are of interest to CUP patients.




Fight Bladder Cancer


Charity founded and run by bladder cancer survivors offering information on the signs and symptoms of bladder cancer, support following diagnosis with the help of a medical advisory panel. They campaign to raise awareness of bladder cancer and for the government to fund more research into this condition. There is a user forum for messages and to make contact with other people living with bladder cancer.





Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust


UK charity solely dedicated to supporting women who have received a diagnosis of cervical cancer and their families. They campaign regularly about the importance of women attending their smear tests and prevention. They provide information and advice about the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer and the chance to ask questions of experts in the field. A helpline and online forum are also available.


Kidney Cancer Support Network


Patient led charity dedicated to supporting people affected by kidney cancer, including families and carers. The KCSN offers information and advice as well as a large online community via forums and social media. There is information about diagnosis, treatment and clinical trials as well as news updates and blogs from other members of the KCSN.

Kidney Cancer UK


Leading UK charity specialising in raising awareness of kidney cancer and providing support to people who have received a diagnosis as well as their families. They support research into the causes of kidney cancer, prevention and early detection as well as developing new treatments. The charity also arranges their own health and wellbeing events "Living with Kidney Cancer Days" which are held in various locations across England and Scotland. Useful videos are also available on their website in addition to being able to download publications related to kidney cancer.


Leukaemia Care


This charity aims to ensure that anyone who receives a diagnosis of blood cancer has access to the right information, advice and support from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. There are various ways they can support patients and their families, either through their helpline, one to one buddy support schemes, support groups or via the online forum. They campaign and advocate on behalf of patients for better funding from the NHS and access to treatments and drugs. The website also provides downloadable resources for people to access.

Leukaemia UK


Charity supporting people who have been diagnosed with any type of blood cancer. They are even able to provide grants to alleviate financial hardship or to purchase vital equipment. Leukaemia UK also work to fund vital research into seeking less harmful treatments and also to improve haematology units for patients.

Lymphoma Action


The only UK charity solely dedicated to supporting people affected by lymphoma. The charity offers a free telephone helpline where specially trained advisers are available to listen and answer any questions about lymphoma. There is also a buddy system in operation where patients can be matched up with a buddy who has direct experience of lymphoma and is best placed to understand what the patient is going through. There are support groups throughout the UK as well as online forums and access to lots of information online about the different types of lymphoma, treatment and living with the condition.


Melanoma UK


Supporting patients and their families through diagnosis and treatment of malignant melanoma. They are dedicated to raising awareness of the disease and undertake fundraising and campaigning to that end. Their website offers information on different types of melanoma and FAQS. There is information around clinical trials and grants available to people living with melanoma.

Mesothelioma UK


Specialist charity specifically supporting people who have been diagnosed with asbestos related cancer (Mesothelioma). The charity provides information and support to all patients and their families as well as offering information on seeking legal advice and compensation following a diagnosis in addition to the types of benefits that can be claimed.

Mouth Cancer Foundation


The charity aims to support patients diagnosed not only with oral cancers but also throat cancer and any other head and neck cancer. They also provide advice and information to families and carers of patients with any of these cancers. They promote awareness of the risk factors, signs and symptoms and key causes of these cancers. There is a community forum on the website to enable patients to talk to others going through similar pathways.

Myeloma UK


For anyone living with a diagnosis of myeloma, or their families/ carers. Expert advice, information and support from a specialist team including nurse consultations. PEER network also available allowing patients or their loved ones the opportunity to chat with other people who have lived similar experiences and can share stories and provide support. Myeloma UK also fund research into improving treatments and finding a cure as well as acting as patient advocates and lobbying for better treatments and funding.


Neuroendocrine Cancer UK


This UK and Ireland based charity is the only charity dedicated to supporting people with neuroendocrine tumours. There are free support services available which include the opportunity to consult with specialist nurses and access to counselling. The website provides a range of information about this tumour type and an online community via several Facebook groups to allow patients and families/ carers to connect with others.


OcuMel UK


Patient run charity supporting people affected by ocular melanoma and other types of eye cancer. They aim to provide reliable and accurate information about signs and symptoms, treatments and effects of living with eye cancer. There is a helpline available as well as online support groups and opportunities for meet ups both regionally and bi-annual national meet ups.



Orchid is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of male cancers (testicular, prostate and penile) and funding research into the causes and treatments of these cancers. A helpline is available for men to speak to a nurse and they also organise awareness talks and roadshows across the UK to provide face to face support and information to anyone affected by one of the three male cancers.



Charity dedicated exclusively to supporting women affected by ovarian cancer. They are not a campaign or research charity. Support is offered via a range of means: online forums, telephone helplines, face to face support groups, specific support group for women under 45, the Ovacome choir etc. The site also provides information on the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and downloadable resources.

Ovarian Cancer Action


Organisation providing advice and information to women who may be worried about ovarian cancer, women who have been diagnosed and are living with the condition and also to healthcare professionals. They campaign to raise awareness of the disease and to improve earlier detection and diagnosis. There is specific information relating to hereditary ovarian cancer and the BRCA gene. Ovarian Action also fund vital research including the development of a screening tool to detect the presence of the disease sooner.


Pancreatic Cancer Action


UK based charity principally campaigning for better awareness of pancreatic cancer and aiming to improve earlier detection rates however there is also plenty of information and advice for people who may be worried about pancreatic cancer or for people who have had a diagnosis.

Pancreatic Cancer UK


This charity provides expert advice and support to people who are worried about pancreatic cancer or who have just been diagnosed. They operate a support line as well as online forums for discussion. The charity also funds vital research into improving how pancreatic cancer is diagnosed and treated and lead campaigns for better awareness of the disease.

Prostate Cancer UK


Charity that supports men living with prostate cancer and the effects of treatment in addition to funding research into the causes of prostate cancer, earlier diagnosis and developing new treatments. Prostate Cancer UK aims to raise awareness among men and their families and friends to recognise the signs and symptoms, to get diagnosed earlier and prevent more deaths due to prostate cancer.



Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


The UK's only lung cancer charity. They provide information and support to people to help them understand the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, how to cope with living with lung cancer and information about the different treatments that are available. The Foundation also carries out vital research looking into improving early detection, treatments and finding a cure. A Stop Smoking service and patient forums are also available.


Sarcoma UK


The only charity in the UK that is solely dedicated to all types of sarcoma. Providing support to people who have been diagnosed with any sarcoma or to those who may be worried about it. They also fund research into learning more about sarcoma and how they can be treated. Sarcoma nurses are on hand via the helpline to answer queries and the site provides useful downloadable factsheets for visitors.


Target Ovarian Cancer


UK based charity that works to support women who have been affected by ovarian cancer, raise awareness of the condition, improve early detection and diagnosis rates and fund research into better treatments with the aim of reducing the number of women who are dying from this condition. Visitors to their website can find lots of information about ovarian cancer, downloadable resources and can contact the nurse led support line if they need to talk to someone about their diagnosis or concerns.

Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer


Provides cancer information for people aged 13 to 24. They fund and support research into teenage and young adult cancers.

Teenage Cancer Trust


Supporting teenagers and young adults aged between 13 - 24 who have been diagnosed with cancer. TCT has 28 specialist units in NHS hospitals across the UK where young people can go for treatment. Outside of these units, the Trust is rolling out Nursing and Support Services across the whole of the UK, where specialist nurses can visit young people with cancer in their local hospital or even at home. The TCT website hosts a wealth of information for young people worried about cancer, either their own or if a friend has cancer. Hair4U is a project set up to ensure that all 13 - 24 year olds living with cancer have access to a free real hair wig.

A Young Person's Guide to Cancer is a book that includes all kinds of handy information covering the medical, the emotional and the practical aspects of a cancer diagnosis and can be downloaded for free from the website.

The Brain Tumour Charity


The world's leading brain tumour charity. This UK based charity are dedicated to supporting people of any age diagnosed with a brain tumour and their families by offering options for both face to face and virtual support. They have access to a range of support groups across the country as well as closed Facebook groups where people living with a brain tumour can "meet" in a safe space. An information and support line is available weekdays as well as many information resources on the website. The charity also funds research into improving treatments for brain tumours with an aim to find a cure.

The Eve Appeal


UK charity that raises awareness around the 5 gynaecological cancers (womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal). They also fund research into improving earlier detection, methods of risk detection and screening. The charity offers advice and support and the opportunity to consult with a specialist gynaecology nurse.

The Oesophageal Patients Association


The OPA is a charity dedicated to helping people and their families to cope with oesophageal or gastric cancer. They provide support and information from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Of note, although gastric cancers are stated as part of the area they cover, the information and patient stories are mainly focused on oesophageal cancer. The OPA organise support meetings across the country and also offer a helpline for information however they do not give medical advice.

The Robin Cancer Trust


The only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of germ cell tumours, primarily among young men and women; the importance of men checking their testes and looking out for signs and symptoms of testicular and ovarian cancers as germ cell tumours are more commonly found in the reproductive organs.

Throat Cancer Foundation


UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of throat cancer - causes, signs and symptoms and treatments. They support research aimed at improving prevention and earlier detection and provide expert advice and information to patients and their families on a wide range of topics from treatment, to financial advice and nutrition.






Young Lives vs Cancer


Young Lives vs Cancer is a charity that helps children and young people (0-25) and their families find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them.


Tumour sites with no dedicated UK charity:

- Liver cancer. (Refer to the British Liver Trust who support and advise on all liver conditions -

- Stomach cancer. (No dedicated site for this type of cancer however see The Oesophageal Patients Association, above, who can support people with gastric cancers).

- Gallbladder cancer (Again, as with stomach cancer, the Oesophageal Patients Assocation can support people with this type of cancer).

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