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Outpatient services

GP surgeries           

  • Many physiotherapists currently provide in-house physiotherapy services within the local GP surgeries.  Your GP can refer you into this service and many practices now offer a self referral service. 
  • We currently provide physiotherapy within the following surgeries: Station View Medical Centre and Spennymoor Health Centre. 

ACL rehabilitation

  • Following surgery for a repair of your Anterior Cruciate Ligament you will be referred into the Post-Op ACL Exercise Class.
  • The program can last from 6 to 12 months following surgery.
  • Each patient will follow a structured strength and conditioning program tailored to their individual needs. 
  • The aim of the program is to maximise function returning to work and sport.
  • ACL classes are provided at Darlington Memorial Hospital and Bishop Auckland Hospital. 

Total knee replacement 

  • Each patient is required to attend a Post-operative Total Knee Replacement Exercise class.
  • These classes run once per week and the patient may be required to attend up to 6 sessions.
  • Each patient will be given advice on pain management, how to control swelling and exercises to improve range of movement and strength.


  • With the help of our Physiotherapists, assistants, technical support and clerical support staff, we aim to provide a quality Physiotherapy service for people with common musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Your first appointment with one of our physiotherapists will be a comprehensive assessment of your problems in order to formulate a diagnosis.  The Physiotherapist will then discuss and agree a treatment plan with you. A further appointment may then be arranged.
  • Treatment programmes may include manual therapy, exercise and advice on self management, aiming to reduce pain, increase strength or mobility and improve function.
  • Referrals are accepted from all GPs, Consultants and Self Referral.  To self refer please download and complete the self referral form to the right of this page.

Back rehabilitation

  • CDDFT has a dedicated Back Pain Service for the County Durham and Darlington community.
  • The service has been running since 2001 and several thousand patients are referred each year.
  • Spinal rehabilitation is an intensive programme of exercises and informative talks.  It has been well researched and proven to help ease low back and leg pain as well as improve general mobility and help people return to work or hobbies.
  • In several studies comparing spinal rehabilitation against surgery for low back pain, the exercise program had better results especially over a 5 year period.
  • Spinal rehabilitation programmes teach patients how to manage their back problems for the long term and how to deal with flare ups should they occur.


  • We have excellent hydrotherapy facilities at the Darlington Memorial Hospital.

Warm water is used to:

  • Increase range of movements of stiff joints.
  • Reduce pain when exercises on land are not tolerated.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Hydrotherapy may take the form of individual or group sessions.


A team of expert Physiotherapists work closely with the Rheumatology Consultants providing specialist help and advice on managing complex Rhumatological conditions, for example Arthritis, Joint Pain, Hypermobility and Ankylosing Spondylitis.


  • We provide an individual rehabilitation programme for lower limb amputee patients to improve independence and quality of life through improving mobility.
  • There are amputee classes which run on different days across the Trust, mainly at Darlington Memorial Hospital and Bishop Auckland Hospital.

Hand services                                                                    

  • We manage a variety of elective and emergency hand and wrist conditions in both adults and children.
  • We offer a multidisciplinary service where we assess and manage patients with a variety of treatment techniques, including splinting and wound/ scar management.

Pulmonary rehabilitation                                               

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation is offered at a variety of locations throughout the Trust. 
  • It is a course of 16 sessions of education and exercises specifically designed for individuals with breathing problems, specifically COPD, for whom this impacts on their ability to function. 
  • The sessions are led by a qualified physiotherapist and the exercises tailored to allow each individual to work to their best ability. 
  • Education sessions include an introduction to the condition, relaxation, occupational therapy, pharmacy interventions, healthy eating and chest clearance techniques.
  • Classes can be accessed by referral from your Doctor, Respiratory Nurse or other therapist involved in your care.

Falls / stroke - day hospital 

  • The rehabilitation day unit is a consultant led unit accepting patients for assessment from the age of 18 upwards. 
  • Referrals are accepted from the consultant out patient clinics and ward discharges to provide continuing rehabilitation.

Main conditions referred are: Falls, Neurological conditions, Stroke, Complex problems better suited to the rehabilitation unit rather than routine Physiotherapy.

  • All patients receive a multidisciplinary assessment with Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, nursing and the medical professionals.
  • Falls patients are given advice and a 6 week exercise programme which is continued at home.
  • Neurological/ Stroke- The time scale and intervention is dependent upon the patients condition and prognosis.
  • Treatment programmes are flexible to the needs of the individual.

Women's health                                                      

  • Womens health covers obstetrics and gynaecology.
  • We aim to advice/encourage the optimum health in pregnancy and the post natal period through a variety of classes/education and individual treatments. 


  • For provision of Ante and Post-Natal care we offer
  • Ante-Natal classes-course of 4 weeks
  • Post-Natal exercise classes
  • Pelvic pain advice sessions 
  • Self referral from Ante-Natal clinic for individual assessment and treatment.
  • Referral via Doctor.


  • Consultant referral for bladder problems and prolapses.
  • Individual assessment and treatment including exercise and biofeedback to improve the quality of women's lives if suffering from bladder weakness.

'I have to compliment everyone on their pleasant persona and their expertise and knowledge. By the end of the 5 days, I did not feel as though I had been in a hospital ward and was very relaxed.'

Patient, Ward 16 Orthopaedics, University Hospital of North Durham