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What if my child has a hearing loss?

If a hearing loss is identified appropriate support and management will be provided. Depending on the nature of the hearing loss this may involve a monitoring period or fitting of a hearing aid. 

If a child is found to have a temporary hearing loss, (for example, glue ear, causing a conductive hearing loss) then we may choose to monitor their hearing over a period of time. 

If a persistent or permanent hearing loss is identified then we will discuss the use of amplification through a hearing aid. We will refer the child to an ENT consultant for their medical opinion and we work closely with our education team to enable effective communication to assist in development both at home and in the school. 

There are many different models of hearing aid available in various shapes, sizes, colours and the way in which they process the sound. We will assess the most appropriate style of hearing aid for each individual, looking at their hearing loss and any additional factors. Most hearing aids fit behind the ear. A custom earmould is manufactured to help hold the hearing aid in place and to carry the sound into the ear canal.

'Every aspect of my emergency care was dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally with full explanations and compassion from all staff involved'.

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